Roche Diagnostics, the global leader in in-vitro diagnostics, was part of an exclusive group of panelists on Tuesday, as they helped launch the 17th edition of the Global Women in Leadership Forum, set to take place later this year. The event was attended by Maysoun Ramadan, Communications Manager Middle East, in addition to representatives from Naseba and Pepsi Co.

Commenting on her company’s sponsorship of the forum, Ramadan said: “We’ve prioritized our sponsorship of WIL since we started taking part in 2012- a commitment that is reflected in the way we operate globally. Our company currently enjoys a 50:50 female-to-male ratio and as we look to build on this even further; events such as WIL serve as an excellent platform for exchanging experiences, and sharing challenges and solutions across multiple industries.”

Regionally, the company has seen some dramatic progress as well. In a part of the world where only one in four women are employed or looking for work- half the global rate- Roche Diagnostics has witnessed a 100% increase in women in managerial roles over the last three years. Moreover, 23 percent of leadership positions in the company are occupied by women.

Commenting on this, Ramadan said: “The Middle East is a traditionally male-dominated society- in spite of this, Roche has continually striven to support its female workforce. We provide equal pay, equal benefits, and have expanded and enhanced our leadership training programs for both female and male employees. We strongly believe that diversity is one of the key drivers for innovation, and as a result, should be encouraged and embedded into the organizational culture.”

An example of Roche Diagnostics’ regional success can be seen in Saudi Arabia, where the company has slowly managed to grow their female workforce, whilst also ensuring that respect for local customs and regulations is maintained.

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