• Regional and international anatomic pathologists and oncologists reflect on best practices and case reviews in a platform that highlights the latest diagnostic innovations in the field

  • The role of oncology biomarkers in patient management at the heart of discussions at the first of its kind forum as a regional platform initiated by Roche Diagnostics

Dubai, UAE, July 1st 2018 - Cancer incidence in the Eastern Meditarrianian region including the UAE is on the rise with the number of cases expected to double by 2030 according to the World Health Organization[1]. In the UAE alone, according to the last figures published by the National Cancer Registry by the Ministry of Health and Prevention, there were 3816 new cases of cancer that were diagnosed in 2014. Breast, colorectal and thyroid cancers were the most common cancers among both sexes. Colorectal, prostate and blood cancers were the most common cancers among males, while breast, thyroid and colorectal cancers were the most common cancers amnog females[2].

In light of these statistics, the 1st Middle East Oncopathology Forum held in Dubai this week sought to address this public health concern highlighting the importance of high quality diagnostic innovations and its role in improving outcomes for cancer patients. International and regional cancer experts flocked in from the region to share information and knowledge and reflect on best practices and case reviews.

The conference was inaugurated by His Excellency Dr. Hussain Abdel Rahman Al Rand, Assistant Undersecretary for Health Centres and Clinics at the Ministry of Health and Prevention, who stated on this occasion: “Cancer is the most intractable of all non-communicable diseases and we are only able to save lives by working together. The UAE National Agenda 2021 highlights preventative medicine and aims to reduce the growing rate of cancer, while also improving the health care system’s readiness to address health risks. The Oncopathology Forum is an important step towards establishing a foundation on cancer care for ongoing and future collaborations at country and regional levels.”

Commenting on this Forum, Harald Wolf, General Manager of Roche Diagnostics Middle East that organized the conference, stressed the need for high standards and innovation of diagnostic testing required to tackle cancer to reach safe and successful patient outcomes. “The burden of cancer is heavy on patients and their families in the UAE and the rest of the region, hence the need for accurate diagnosis as it is considered the first step towards disease management and therapy. We are proud to launch the very first oncopathology forum in the region to focus on cancer diagnosis and we hope that it will enhance sharing of these issues and that the experts will gain their own take-home message to apply to their own activities as the outcomes of the forum. This commitment stems from our mission of doing now what patients need next.”, he added.

Panel discussions addressed the important role played by oncology biomarkers- substances produced by tumors indicative of the presence of cancer in the body. Used for cancer diagnosis, they are also assayed in non-invasively collected biofluids like blood or serum.  They also underscored the importance of bridging laboratory and clinical practice for management of lung, colorectal and breast cancer patients through innovative laboratory testing across the clinical continuum, while also reflecting on state-of-the-art global practices and case reviews.

The UAE is determined to bring down cancer fatalities by nearly 18 per cent by 2021. Reducing the number of deaths due to cancer is one of the key performance indicators in the UAE National Agenda 2021.

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