In March 2013, Roche Pakistan organized a nationwide 360 degrees multimedia campaign involving leading KOLs in Symposia, Walks, Screening camps, Hospitals branding and awareness campaigns. TV, FM Radio and print media was effectively used along with many BTL activities at different hospitals.

According to an article published in New England Journal of Medicine “Data from community-based studies in Pakistan reveal an alarmingly high burden. Approximately 15 to 20 percent of persons 40 years of age or older have a reduced estimated GFR. The prevalence of diabetes in countries of the Indian subcontinent (about 20 percent among persons 40 years of age or older) is two to three times that reported in Western countries and is projected to triple over the next two decades. Evidence indicates that chronic kidney disease develops in about a third of patients with diabetes. The prevalence of diabetes is two to three times that reported in Western countries. The burden of hypertension is even higher” The article further states that “Ideally, developing countries would have access to ample resources to set up large-scale, integrated programs for the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases, as well as dialysis and transplantation units for patients with kidney failure. But in reality, such resources are unlikely to be found. Low-income countries must therefore shift their emphasis from renal-replacement therapy to more cost-effective preventive services”.

Keeping these facts in mind Roche Pakistan joined hands with Pakistan Society of Nephrology (PSN) and arranged different disease awareness activities through leading nephrologists of Pakistan. President PSN and all the member nephrologists thanked Roche Pakistan for their support in this regard.

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