In collaboration with King Saud Medical City (MOH), Saudi Pharmaceutical Society (SPS), Roche Saudi had sponsored an international conference on Pharmacoeconomics under patronage of Deputy Health Minister Dr. Salah Almazroa, Dr. Khalid Alraddadi (Author of PE chapter in Saudi Arabia and Prof. Ibrahim Alsarra (Head of SPS). It had attendees from all over Middle East (400 registrants) with almost 18 speakers 7 of them are international speakers from UK (NICE and NHS), Canada, USA and Germany

The importance of this conference is to keep abreast of global development, and modern techniques to upgrade pharmaceutical services. The challenge is application of pharmacoeconomics methodologies in developing cost effective drugs and in promoting efficiency of treating patients. Beside the goal of saving cost, HCPs and decision makers should aim to choose quality drugs and treatment to save more lives and give possible care to patients. The success of pharmacoeconomics lies on those who will implement the result of the study and research. Pharmacoeconomics approach is key driver on building bricks of this mission to guide healthcare resource allocation in a standardized and scientific based manner.

Still the concept is to be established that real burden is the cost of disease itself and its effect on the patients’ lives rather than the price of the medication.

The main aim was to have real picture of what constitutes cost (Direct, related to drug vs. indirect cost, disease outcomes, hospitalization and out of work status as well as quality of life aspects)

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