The Outreach Project (launched May 2013) is paving the way for patients to have better chance of early detection, diagnosis and referral in the shortest possible period of time for proper follow up in major oncology centers, and access to treatments, delivering higher chance of survival and better quality of life.

Roche Saudi Arabia organized a 4 days CRC awareness campaign in Jeddah. Partnering with Ministry of Health as the national health authority, campaign was launched by Director of Health Affairs in Jeddah. The campaign consisted of awareness stations, healthy programs, anti-smoking program, vital signs & blood glucose examinations done by MOH, Corona virus awareness and Cancer Awareness Station. In addition to art exhibition for public and an inflatable walkthrough colon, showing stages of the disease explained by physicians.

People also met Consultant Oncologist, who explained more the disease. Awareness materials were distributed to the audience, which had almost 10,000 people visiting the booth to collect educational booklets after their journey through the colon.

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