Roche is celebrating an important milestone - 5000 installations of the cobas® 8000 modular analyzer series¹. In 2017 alone, an estimated 5.6 billion tests were performed on the cobas 8000 worldwide².

With more than 14,000 analytical units1, in nearly 50 countries1, the cobas 8000 has continuously set the standards in high throughput laboratory testing and enabled laboratories achieve peak performance.

Labs are continuously working under increased pressure, from many different angles. On one side they are driven by a business need to grow their services, increase their profits and, most importantly, deliver high-quality results to physicians to support better patient outcomes. On the other side, they have significant resource restrictions, are driven by cost pressures, a shortage of qualified staff and an increased demand for tests.

This strain puts labs in a challenging position to maximize the value of their resources, such as their staff, funding, available space and time, while not compromising on performance. Roche Diagnostics constantly strives to understand these needs and support customers with the best solutions to face these challenges, together.

This spirit of partnership led to the pioneering concept of the Serum Work Area (SWA) in 2002, combining Clinical Chemistry with Immunoassay testing, in a modular system, to help consolidate workload and maximize lab resource use. The continued innovation of the SWA solutions has been the foundation of the Roche Diagnostic collaboration with laboratory customers, especially, with the flagship cobas® 8000 modular analyzer series. Since its launch in 2009, the cobas 8000 has consistently evolved by adding new and improved modules and high medical value assays, as demands on the laboratory and medical needs have increased.

As testament to the enduring alliance between Roche Diagnostics and our customers, this month saw the installation of the 5000th cobas 8000. The success of cobas 8000 is down to creating effective solutions for the most important challenges the customers are facing. For the cobas 8000, this means delivering “best-in-class” performance in key areas, such as maximum uptime3, true productivity with the highest throughput per square meter for Serum Work Area4 and the industry’s broadest assay menu consolidated on a single platform5.

“The outstanding success of the cobas 8000 is a result of years of continuous investment in innovations, leading to a number of pioneering solutions that have shaped the industry’s development”, said Dietmar Kappelhoff, Lifecycle Leader of Centralised and Point of Care Solutions.

Though, these are only a few pieces of the overall puzzle which the cobas 8000 helps to solve. cobas 8000 offers many novel solutions to allow labs to get the best out of their limited space and time, while supporting lab staff to be more productive and being flexible to continue evolving, as the lab environment continues to advance.


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