Media Release

Pakistan, 17.03.2013

Pakistan PMO Symposium

Launching “Living the Best Years of Your Life”

28 March 2013

Osteoporosis disease awareness campaign “Living the Best Years of Your Life” Your Bones Your Future was launched in Pakistan. The campaign aims to raise awareness of the ’21st Century Woman with PMO’ who is active, cares about how she looks and deserves the best from her doctor in terms of management of her condition.

The objectives of the Living the Best Years of Your Life campaigns are to encourage healthcare professionals and the general public to update their perception of the ‘real lives’ of women with PMO (active and busy vs. frail and elderly), to help women recognize they deserve the best osteoporosis treatment option and should proactively discuss this with their healthcare professional to ensure they find a treatment that fits best with their lifestyle as well as to encourage healthcare professionals to acknowledge that women deserve the best treatment in terms of efficacy and convenience

The campaign is focusing on the message that increased attention to the bone health can indeed improve long-term health outcomes by reducing fracture risk and should therefore be a central component of any governmental health strategy intended to reduce the enormous and growing burden of osteoporosis related fractures.