Media Release

Pakistan, 01.03.2013

18th Conference of Pakistan Society of Clinical Oncology

1-3 March 2013 in Faisalabd, Pakistan Society of Clinical Oncology (PSCO) held the Conference “Celebrating Hope” by bringing together national and international experts from different disciplines. Pakistan Society of Clinical Oncology (PSCO) is the leading professional organization representing physicians who treat people with cancer in the country.

Like previous PSCO conferences Roche Pakistan was among the major sponsors of the event. Roche Pakistan had an exhibition which revolved around the education about Biosimilars, the theme of which was “Cheap Can Be Expensive”.

In the plenary session there was also a lecture on “What oncologists need to know about biosimilars” by Dr. Abdus Samad Khan (Director National Control Laboratory for Biologicals). He discussed in detail sthe pre-requisites for a molecule to qualify as a Biosimilar.

18th" Cancer Congress ONCO 2013 continued the long standing traditions which have seen this conference being established as the premier oncology event in Pakistan.