Media Release

KSA, 01.06.2014

One more partner joins troops against Breast Cancer

Saudi Arabia, June 1, 2014: Through Outreach project in Saudi Arabia, Roche in collaboration with Saudi Cancer Foundation (SCF) is continuing to raise awareness about cancer and importance of early detection.

Currently, SCF mainly operates in Eastern province of Saudi Arabia. In order to align efforts and have more access in other areas, Roche facilitated agreement signature between Dr. Samia Al Amoudi center, King AbdulAziz University in Jeddah and SCF.

Dr. Abdulaziz Al Turki (SCF Head), Dr. Samia Al Amoudi (internationally known cancer survivor), Prof Mahmoud Shaheen Faculty of Medicine Dean attended the meeting and discussed how collaboration will have a positive impact on increasing awareness and education for both HCPs and the community, where joint efforts will ease the access to more remote areas in the Kingdom. 

Roche was acknowledged as the main partner in their vision, activities, and responsibilities towards the community.

  • The agreement stated the following goals:Collaboration in increasing awareness about early detection of breast cancer and routine checkups for females through different activities and programs
  • Sharing experience and scientific knowledge in oncology centers such as breast cancer examination, detection, and diagnosis all over western and Eastern provinces
  • Programs to support cancer survivors and their families

This agreement will play an important role in expanding our Outreach Project activities to cover more remote areas in the Western and Southern Provinces to keep moving forward, and educate more HCPs there which will help cancer patients to get diagnosed and treated properly.