Media Release

Saudi Arabia, 13.05.2013

Roche Contributed to Draw a Smile in Cancer Day in Saudi Arabia

On 13-14 May 2013, Roche Saudi Arabia participated in Cancer Day held at Qassim under the theme of "Draw a Smile" celebrating the recovery of 1100 cancer patients in the last 5 years in King Khaled cultural center, Buridah.

Prince Faisal Ben Bandar (Prince of Qassim Province) attended the opening ceremony together with other representatives from King Fahad Specialist Hospital-Buridah, Prince Faisal Ben Bandar Cancer Center, Gynecology & Children Hospital as well as Qassim Medical supply.

The theme of the event was “Draw a Smile" and the event aimed at celebrating the recovery of 1100 cancer patients over the past 5 years in Prince Faisal Ben Bander Oncology Center in Alqassim.

Roche was among the main sponsors and received recognition from the Prince of Qassim Province.