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Unilabs adopts first of its kind diagnostic solutions in the Middle East

  • Powered by Roche Diagnostics, the new diagnostic innovations give access to our broad menu with fast turnaround time
  • This partnership will use Roche’s expertise to transform Unilab’s operations with the latest state-of-art technology, aimed at providing optimal results to patients and their treating physicians.


Unilabs, the leading Swiss diagnostic service provider, has announced that its labs in the UAE have acquired new diagnostic solutions, the first of its kind in the region. Powered by Roche Diagnostics - the world leader in biotechnology-, the innovative diagnostic solutions give access to a broad menu of more than 220 parameters – including many unique high medical value assays to labs.


The announcement was made on the sidelines of Medlabs Middle East 2021, running at Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) from June 21 to 24.  The diagnostic technology is the latest by Roche designed to deliver excellence, while at the same time simplifying daily work. 


Unilabs stressed that equipping the network’s labs in the UAE with the new technology is yet another step towards enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of the lab and diagnostic services and will surely strengthen the UAE’s competitive position in the healthcare field. This goes in line with the government's plans to meet the highest international standards based on technology and artificial intelligence.


The new solution combines clinical chemistry, ISE, and immunochemistry testing and is designed to support fast and predictable turnaround times across all assays with a reaction time of 18 minutes or less, with STAT assays having just 9 min reaction time. To offer full transparency, the integrated solution allows the operator to see the time to result per sample and per test as well as the time to last result on all ordered tests.

Mohammed Daoud, CEO of Unilabs Middle East, affirmed that the network takes a great interest in equipping its labs with the latest medical devices to develop its services and create a state-of-the-art lab environment that enhances lab services and empowers physicians to take faster actions, thus enhancing the overall healthcare system.


“We have always been keen to make the most of the latest lab techniques in light of the remarkable development the world is witnessing in this sector and the expansion of the scope and specializations of diagnostic laboratories, and their practical contributions to building plans and programs for prevention and treatment of diseases,” he stated.


"The new technology acquired by Unilabs will not only increase the efficiency of labs by reducing hands-on time for the operators, enabling reliable and simplified daily operation and offering access to a broad assay menu, but will also provide rapid results that will allow physicians to take quicker action,” Daoud said, adding that the network will spare no effort to utilize the latest lab equipment and advanced technologies in diagnostic pathology and information systems, to raise the efficiency of labs.


“Laboratories today face an increasing workload and the necessity to deliver results faster amidst constraints of time, space, budget, and qualified staff, while still ensuring quality and maintaining profitability. The integrated solutions from Roche Diagnostics powering Unilabs in Dubai and Abu Dhabi aim to address these challenges and simplify laboratory processes by automating tasks and reducing intervention time by operators. Our focus is on helping physicians deliver better patient care by optimizing laboratory efficiency and bringing high medical value tests” said Harald Wolf, General Manager of Roche Diagnostics Middle East.


This partnership will allow both Unilabs and Roche to continue cementing its commitment towards the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of various disease areas, including cardiovascular health, women’s health, and infectious diseases. Thus, supporting the welfare of the country’s community and providing patients with world-class healthcare.


About Roche Diagnostics in the Middle East (RDME):


RDME has taken the unprecedented step of being the first IVD Company to have a Management Centre in the Middle East. RDME has extended its ownership of the entire supply chain, quality control and customer support all the way into the centre of the region through the appropriate channels. This base of operations reinforces the commitment to global Roche standards and is driven by a full team of vastly experienced specialists offering a complete portfolio of services through the appropriate channels. With this regional empowerment, RDME has moved its leadership and decision-making closer to its customers and distributors. These investments allow Roche Diagnostics Middle East to develop from being a supplier into becoming the preferred IVD partner for its customers.


RDME offers comprehensive expertise through the relevant and appropriate channels in 16 countries: UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Yemen, Syria, Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon, Egypt, Libya and Maldives.