Product Offering

Clinical chemistry & immunoassays

Modular instrument solutions with a wide range of immuno- and clinical-chemistry assays for emergency labs or health clinics up to large hospital and commercial networks. More information available here

Molecular diagnostics

Advanced solutions in virology, women's health, oncology, microbiology and genomics for commercial and hospital labs plus innovative screening products for blood banks. More information available here

Tissue diagnostics

Through automation and systems integration, Roche is standardizing and optimizing the slide staining process, thereby helping pathologists recommend treatment solutions that deliver superior patient care. More here

Point of Care diagnostics 

POC instrument and IT solutions deliver quick, accurate and reliable results for critical and primary care clinicians and for patients self-monitoring coagulation. More information available here

Laboratory IT & automation

Personalised lab automation and scalable IT solutions developed by Roche that simplify operations, reduce manual tasks, costs and increases efficiency and quality. More here

Haematology & hemostasis

Roche platelet function testing combines innovation and proven medical and diagnostic expertise to set new standards. More here


Building on 50 years of experience, Roche offers a range of urinalysis products, from single-use strips to semi- and fully- automatic systems. More information here

Patient Self-testing

Patient self-testing has prven itself in two main areas: control of diabetes and prevention of blood-clotting. Both require flexibility for on-going self-management. More here

Solutions for life sciences

Roche supplies a broad array of instruments and highly-specific reagents and test kits for use in the diverse market research. The portfolio is especially strong in genomics and proteonomics. More here

Integrated, connected laboratories

A new era in lab testing; tackling today's challenges and tomorrow's needs in a rapidly shifting global health landscape. More here