The Future

The fight against infectious diseases continues, with Roche at its forefront.

One of the key areas of research for our pharmaceutical teams is virology. Our vision is to change the way viral diseases are treated in order to find cures for chronic viral infections. We have a rich pipeline of potential new products – some discovered by our own scientists and others being developed with our partners.

In hepatitis C, our experience and expertise is enabling our scientists to develop broad-spectrum anti-viral treatments. Our goal is to create the broadest range of options for patients by identifying and targeting the genomic factors associated with the disease, its resistance to treatment and variations in individuals’ responses to treatment.

Roche is developing a number of potential new medicines, focusing on two mechanisms of action called polymerase inhibition and protease inhibition. Compounds from both classes are being studied in combination with our existing treatments and a number of medicines are undergoing clinical trials.

HPV is another key area of research and a therapeutic vaccine developed by one of our partner companies, Transgene, is currently undergoing clinical trials. 

We will also continue to invest in research and development to drive further advancements in molecular diagnostics technology to diagnose and monitor for infectious disease